Introducing the new standard in safety weapon handling, the ND100 - Negligent Discharger  100 -, a new product from our laboratories in Georgia. Small in sizes, very cost effective, it can be easily carried and used everywhere: outdoor and indoor firing ranges, test laboratories, offices, etc.

Sturdy, indestructible, the ND100 is based on our recent material research and development and has the great advantage of handling almost every kind of weapon: from handgun rounds to .308 and .223. It is used to ensure no live ammunition is present before storing, cleaning or handling the weapon after its use.

What makes the ND100 unbeatable, compared to other similar products in the market, is the fact that we can handle almost all calibres while other similar products cannot. In fact only small calibres can be handled by common weapon dischargers having the same sizes, forcing the user to buy more of them to cover more calibres.

These features are ensured thanks to the material used as stopping media, the worderful AABC (Advanced Anti-Ballistics Composite) a new standard in protection.







Some additional details:


dimensions (LxWxH)

14x32x15 cm.

hole diameter

6 cm.


15 kg.

Calibers handled

handgun  and rifles up to .223 o .308

Material used

reinforced steel and AABC


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