Without a doubt, our system has the best features to be found in any recovery system throughout the world. We were so convinced of this, we approached many experts in the Ballistic Recovery field and this is what many of them had to say:


"Veteran law enforcement officers shook their heads in disbelief as trial after trial of Leslie Duke's ballistic testing system produced the unbelievable." - Rome News-Tribune, Sunday November 10, 2002 Section D-1


Listed below are the responses of several law enforcement professionals who have experienced the remarkable performance of the Duke Projectile Recovery System


"This isn't suppose to happen. Usually, test bullets fragment into 10 or 20 pieces, and if they are in one piece, they are mushroomed." - Shane Barkley; Whitfield County Georgia Deputy Sheriff


"This is amazing. The laws of physics say this shouldn't happen. I was in military law enforcement and never have seen anything like it." - William Rios; Deputy, Bartow County, Georgia


"They (firearms manufacturers) should test fire each weapon on the factory floor, and that ballistive fingerprint should be kept on file. Law enforcement officials would be able to trace a bullet from a crime scene to the weapon." - Stephanie Ansley; Deputy, Murray County Georgia


"One of our examiners noted that the bullets were not deformed in any way." - John Bankhead, Georgia Bureau of Investigation spokesman