Here you can read some answers to the most common questions:


What advantages does the system offer?

The Duke Projectile Recovery System is fully capable of non-abrasively capturing a bullet that is 100% intact with its original powder residue from firing at a fraction of the cost of the traditional water tank.


Is this a cotton box?

Absolutely not! While a cotton box does generally stop a bullet, the cotton itself is abrasive and removes striations from the bullet as it "sands" the outer surface down. Cotton boxes also have a track history of catching fire and burning labs to the ground, our system is fire retardant and cannot cause you the headaches that Cotton Boxes cause most labs. Our system is non-abrasive and even preserves the powder residue from the bullet's firing. Bullets fired into our system experience no abrasion on the outer surface of the bullet; all striations and identifying marks are easily visible and available to the forensic examiner for a bulletproof ballistic fingerprint match.


Why can't I just make one of these systems?

We have a patent pending on our system and have taken every research effort to guarantee that our system is the best available in the world today. The actual function of our system is fairly simple, however; the manufacture and composition of the packing materials make the difference. Currently, the Duke Projectile Recovery System is the only system that can produce results this good everytime - Our years of research prove it.


What training is required to use the system?

Using the system is quite easy. All you need to do is shoot the suspect weapon directly into the front of the unit, where the bullet will enter the system and be rapidly decelerated leaving an intact round ready for your ballistic/forensic examination needs.


How is a fired bullet recovered from the system?

Once a bullet is fired into the system, recovery is fairly simple. Each subsequent layer of foam should be checked for traces of fiber penetrating through it. When you reach the last foam pad with such evidence, simply feel around the patented filler materials for a fiber-encapsulated bullet, which feels like a small fiberous lump. Remove the lump, and unwrap the bullet. Recovery of your fired bullet takes around 30 seconds.

When you order and receive your D.P.R.S., you will receive complete instructions on recovering your own rounds.


How long will it take to receive an ordered unit?

Shipping times may vary slightly based upon shipping distances and order quantity. Please contact us if you need an accurate time estimate of when you will receive your D.P.R.S. unit.


How long does the packing material last?

Our special packing material is capable of stopping between 1,250 and 1,500 bullets in the handgun recovery unit and up to 1,000 rounds in the high-velocity unit.