Welcome to this web page dedicated to Ballistics Research, unquestioned worldwide leader in ballistics and protection.

Our fine products and systems are capable of incredible performances and operations that will challange what you already know about stopping and treating moving objects. As you will realize, every comparison with other similar products and systems, claiming to perform the same results, is useless and inapplicable. No one can deliver indeed can do what we can deliver when a forensic examination or things and personell protection aren't just an option.

We care to underline the fact that all the images and video in the following pages are absolutely GENUINE, which means that all what you will see are the results of using our products. No falsification was done to the images, video or materials: it's  just what our systems will allow you to obtain!

Please be aware that the following pages contain many pictures and videos (sometimes big in size). The recommended minimum internet connection is 56k (better dsl). Of course, also slower connection are accepted but the loading times might be very long.


Although our production is continuously developing, we can now deliver 3 systems (please click on each logo for all the details):




Duke Projectile Recovery System

 Negligent Discharger 100

3D Interlocking Protection System

Bullet recovery system for recovering all the rounds

INTACT. To be used especially for forensic application

Low cost, small size weapon safety discharger

Advanced Anti-Ballistics Composite